Welcome to Free Birth

(Dedicated to my Teachers: Jeannine Parvati Baker, Whapio, Gloria Lemay, Dr. Michel Odent, Laura Shanley and there are more…)

Free Birth:

A woman’s right to freely choose, at any given moment throughout her pregnancy, labor and birth, what she (the mother) intuits she or her baby needs.  To some “freebirth” means to birth unassisted, however, I have expanded this definition to include the absolute freedom from internal and external distractions and ‘authorities’ that are distracting a Woman from her internal birthing power.

Recently, in AB Canada, the media and the local midwifery association attempted to frighten the public into believing that hiring a traditional birth attendant (TBA) or underground caregiver to attend a woman’s birth, is dangerous.  This kind of propaganda deeply concerns me.  And it is media coverage such as this one http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2010/03/15/calgary-midwives-unlicensed-alberta-illegal-pregnant-women.html

that feeds fear and promotes the notion that women (and citizens) cannot be ‘Self Directed’ individuals making informed decisions.  This idea that women are doomed and therefore, need to be saved by a system that provides them with the illusion that it cares, is bullshit.  It frustrates me that we even allow this belief to permeate.  A belief that there is ‘something out there’ that can’t be trusted and is going to hurt us and therefore, we all need to be protected from this ‘thing’.  And furthermore, it is this kind of mindset that fuels fear and weakens the self and therefore, we collectively and unconsciously give our power away to this force that claims it will protect us.

This article clearly missed the point.  The point is that more and more women are realizing that they want choice, they want heart based care, gentle care, and home birth (with or without an ‘expert’ caregiver) as a viable option.  Pregnant women have choice and that should never be taken away from them through external fear that has been fed via the media and horror stories.  The more often we hear that something isn’t safe, the more we choose to believe that fear and once we are in that place of survival fear, we can easily hand our power over to be ‘saved’.

Let me reiterate, birth is NOT dangerous! We do not need to be saved from birth, rather we need to be saved from external forces that are feeding the unconscious mind with untrue, non factual information.

Recently, Australia passed a law that has outlawed midwifery attended home birth!  This is NOT ok.  We cannot allow this to continue to happen, nor can we afford to allow a system (whatever that force is) to take over in a manner that regulates and creates laws that in actuality restrict our freedom to choose.

Free Birth, is about the freedom to choose.  It supports the fact that every Women is the governing authority and expert over her body and baby-it belongs to no expert.  For too long we, as Woman, have had our power taken away via means of authoritarian power-over.  When we loose choice and power (due to the fact that we allow ourselves to buy into fear and therefore, hand our births’ over to a system that is primarily invested in saving their asses from litigation and ‘controlling another’ rather then) we then allow this external governing body to decide how we will raise our family, what we should believe in, how we should be schooled and what we should learn, and ultimately, we are supporting the notion that the ‘expert’ knows more than us.

No external expert can know more about your baby and body than you… Impossible!  Think about it for a moment, you are carrying your baby in your womb, no one can know  more intimately what your baby needs and how your baby is doing than YOU.  Yes, you get to be with this growing being everyday, feel every movement, and when you slow down and pay attention, you will hear your baby’s needs as well.  This is called trust, something that our governing systems don’t have.  They are founded in fear, not trust.  If they trusted and suggested that we, humans, trusted ourselves, then they would have no power.  And the concern is that many of us have been raised in a non trusting environment therefore, it takes choice, action, and work to rebuild this intrinsic trust.

I have had the privileged to have learned about the sacredness and the awesomeness of women’s power and birth through the story telling of Wise Women and Men, doctors, midwives, birth attendants, doulas, and of course, the Women themselves.  I have been gathering information for over a decade now, and I have come to learn that now is the time to share these ‘stories’.  To not let it die and to keep the web of life and trust and love growing strong.  When we build a web, a global web, nothing can break it – no system trying to take power away.

When I heard about this news broadcast, I noticed that I was loosing my power to this force.  I was handing my power over, and noticing that I was begin to agree that the only option women should have is a licensed registered care giver. All that I had learned, all that I was called to hold dear to the heart seemed to no longer matter, I was devaluing this lineage.  A lineage of undisturbed birth, physiological heart centered care, and a deep trust in Women.  I felt all alone.  I sat in meditation and I asked for guidance.  I saw my Teachers appear (some deceased), I saw the Woman, I saw my loved ones, and I saw that this support was never ending.  It was then, that I knew it was time to speak and share.

Free Birth is not about one choice being better than another, it is about supporting and nurturing a Woman to trust her body’s ability to give birth, to become Self-directed, to NEVER give her power away to any expert (unless you consents), to listen to her inner voice (intuition) and follow her labor, to invite whom ever she desires into her birth space and to birth freely wherever she so chooses.  There is no ONE way.  If a choice is being made out of fear, than one is not free.  Therefore, part of the journey is gathering empowering information that disables the mind and fear, surrounding yourself with a loving presence, and deeply trusting the process.

It is with great heart and intention that this blog will offer the latter, will provide empowering, factual, and inspiring information that will keep this web strong and this lineage alive.  It is one method in “removing the pebbles and stones that we have been tripping over along this path”, as shared by Jeannine Parvati Baker.  I ask that you trust this process and join me along this journey…

And so it is.


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