But isn’t it Dangerous?

Often I hear comments such as…

“What if something happens?”

“Isn’t it dangerous?”

“How can you know what to do?”

“What about the cord?”

and the list goes on, I am sure many of you could post a few comments that you have heard.

And then there are the comments from the care givers themselves such as:

“We don’t want to be called in the clean up the messes”

“You are crazy”

“We do not support unassisted birth because we (fill in the blank)”

“I am sorry but your requests are too hard to meet because our protocol does not allow us to work in that manner”

Birth itself is not dangerous, nor is it dangerous for a Woman to be Self Directed and ask that her needs be met.  What is dangerous is creating a system that limits choice. Creating a birth box in which a pregnant woman must fit in otherwise, she is considered High Risk.  What is dangerous is binding care givers hands with protocols that are becoming more tightly regulated.  Anything that falls outside of protocol is considered ‘dangerous’ and therefore, merits some form of disturbance or intervention.  What is dangerous is handing power over to an external expert rather than, inviting someone into your birth space to which they are a witness.  It baffles me that as soon as something falls outside of ‘normal’ (which in itself is an ambiguous term) care givers tend to loose their sense of care, ethic, love, nurture, and compassion.  When fear permeates, adrenaline is released (which is contagious) and certain aggressive, violent, and violating behaviors override and are no longer questioned – is this not dangerous?

So I ask, what really is dangerous? Trusting, compassionate, heart centered birthing or Fearful, violating, protocol centered care?  Does it not seem like a strange comment to make, that to birth in Freedom is Dangerous? Of course it is dangerous to a system that dominates because there is ‘danger’ of loss of control and power – now that is something to fear!

And so it is…


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