The Chaos

I cannot speak about Free Birth without addressing some of the politically charged issues.  Free Birthing is a political position that stands for freedom – Free from ideologies, fear, systems, regulations, limiting beliefs, you name it.  In contemplating some of these political positions, I was sitting with the question “why are we afraid of our own freedom and coming into our own internal power?”  “What is standing in the way?”

What would happen if we were given the freedom to live the way we are instinctively driven to live? Are we afraid of the chaos… the lack of order? Do we trust in ourselves as a human race to make choices, in freedom, that will lead us towards a sustainable, heart centered culture? Or does the mere thought of having the freedom to choose stir some deep fear within – a lack of trust – that all would crumble and perish?

Why is it that we fear freedom? Why is it that we walk around in this world trusting some outside force more than our internal compass? Why is it that we are so willing to hand over our power, to place our trust in something external, something that we have come to believe will ‘protect’ us and provide us with a good life? Why is this? Have we not been let down over and over again? And still, we continue this action.  Lets talk a bit about power… often times we believe that power is about strength or power over, physically or energetically or financially – many ways to have power over.  Most conflict, I believe is due to this power imbalance.  However, according to Dr. Warren Farrell, “Power” is not defined by the amount of control someone has over others, but the amount of control one has over his or her own life.” In other words, if you look at our current cultural trends, we have a very powerless system and society.  Just because a certain system has plenty of power over, does not mean that it is powerful – this is the illusion.

When I speak about freebirth, I am speaking about the freedom to choose what it is that you need and desire for your pregnancy and birth.  Free from internal and external distractions that cause one to doubt.  And yet, I am concerned that although this sounds like a great and perhaps idealistic notion, that for many, having the freedom to choose is incredibly terrifying.  It is a new concept (or perhaps old and lost), to take total responsibility for your life.  You are in charge (or rather some internal force) and therefore, you are also responsible for the outcomes of your choices.  Many of us don’t want this level of responsibility, many would rather have an outside system take care of them and be responsible for their choices and outcomes.  Culturally and collectively, we have been raised to trust this ‘system’ (what and who is the system anyways?) … why would we question something that seemed to be working for the good of all? This is the illusion, it was never about the good of all, it is about control and ownership, and therefore, growth and expansion of the system occurs, rather than the people. (Watch Micheal Moore’s new movie Capitalism: A Love Story).

So I go back to my original question: “What would happen if we were a Self Directed culture, if we were all internally guided by an intrinsic voice and guide that seems to know the way?”  Philosopher and Author, Ken Wilber, states that, “the creature must get out in order for God to get in”.  I love this quote… of course replace God with whichever word serves you, however, there is truth in this statement.  Many believe that the Creature is the egoic self, the mind, the chatter, the one usually driving our lives.  I would add that the Creature, culturally, is also the System that governs and dictates and to which we have been handing our lives over to and dare I say, our births.  I must iterate that it is not the people working in the System that I am concerned about or even speaking about, but rather, the System (the force) that dictates.

Ok, this may be sounding a bit charged.  However, the point that I am trying to make is why are we so afraid of the chaos that would rein if we all choose to become Self Directed (Spirit and Heart directed) beings.  For some reason many go to the negative, the concern that we would see ‘bad’ choices, pain, violence, disrespect… and then we would have no means to deal with this.  We would have no laws, no policing, no boundaries etc.  Some believe that we need these systems, these laws, these regulations, these expectations in order for us humans to live freely.  Does this not seem like a backwards statement to you? We need to be bound by regulations in order to live freely? Hmmmm. Is there a way to have consequences without regulations?

Lets say this again differently, “We need to have regulated midwifery in order to protect the public from the dangers of unregulated midwifery!”  And yet again, “We need to be told how to give birth and raise our children in order to protect us against the dangers of figuring it all out ourselves and then becoming the empowered beings we were meant to become!” Do you get the picture?  The only danger in choosing Freedom is loss of control – external control.  Here is what I believe…

We are already seeing chaos everywhere.  Horror on the streets, people despairingly trying to survive in this world, violence that is increasing constantly, war, terror, global poverty, the raping of the earth, the degradation of our environment, educational system that dis-empower and force feed our youth, depression, suicide, abuse, anger, and the list goes on.  We are not living freely and yet, chaos is everywhere… why? Because we are fighting, in desperation trying to break free.  I believe that if we lived with intrinsic freedom, freedom to choose, and had ways to have our needs met than we would not see this amount of chaos.

Free Birth is a cry for the chaos to end, not to be the culprit of chaos.  Because when we align ourselves with our highest Self, when we acknowledge that we all have an internal way of knowing, that in the end we will all find our way ‘home’… something great happens!  When we birth in freedom, we birth the next generation of humanity in freedom, and we learn to parent in freedom and educate in freedom – bound, no longer we are.

Some say this is all an illusion – which is partially true.  If it is all an illusion why does any of this matter, I question?  And I answer, it matters because as a human having a human experience, it is my birth right to live in freedom and build and cultivate a culture that is founded in Trust rather than Fear…

And so it is.


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