Values of the Quantum Midwifery Paradigm

The paradigm of Quantum Midwifery, encompasses a different set of values (listed below) than those of the current Global Operating System. Therefore, it differs from other midwifery structures that are currently plugging into the modern health care systems; allowing Midwifery to be governed by these ‘systems’. Due to the differentiation of values, Quantum Midwifery cannot fit inside the already prevailing box, but rather must step outside of it. This action demands a massive shift in consciousness that will challenge the interior world (mind, heart, and soul) as much as our exterior realities.
Quantum Midwifery and those aligned with it, can no longer exist in both systems of operation, all the while embody enough energy to be an instrument of change for this planet.  Having said this, it is imperative that we recognize that the Midwifery that has been accepted and validated within our current governing systems, has worked very hard to be heard, seen, and respected as a ‘true’ profession. This has occurred because of pioneering passionate midwives who saw a need, and therefore wanted to bridge the gap of us versus them; the desire to no longer be marginalized, underground, ridiculed, or bullied by the dominating forces of the health industry. A truly important mark in herstory and one that needs to be acknowledged and honored.
Midwives, of all kinds, have always known that midwifery must become more publicly accessible and that in doing so, fear of birth would potentially decrease and power would be restored. We are now questioning whether or not this has indeed happened? Hopes were to reinforce the power of natural birth and thus decrease the need for standardized intervention and care. I believe this was accomplished, perhaps not to the extent that all midwives would like to have seen, but an accomplishment indeed. With this movement towards regulation, Midwives would be free to practice as ‘health professionals’ and no longer fear the scrutiny or prosecution of the ‘institution’ that has shunned them for eons (this was the desired outcome and hope).
Midwives have sought legislation with ambivalence. On one hand, midwifery regulation is viewed as being important for protecting the public through ensuring high standards of preparation and practice. Legislation and its ensuring regulation brings credibility, status, and a rightful place and voice within the healthcare system. Midwives regard legislation as a way of further developing the knowledge and practice base of midwifery, of ensuring greater accessibility for women, and of improving their own working conditions…While the general belief is that regulation protects the public, the structures that support regulations such as professional associations, colleges, and limited-access education programs, may make it difficult for the public to challenge the power of the professional group…[Furthermore] the regulation of midwifery practice must stay in the hands of midwives with a place for a strong consumer voice. Collaborative care with other professionals is essential to good, safe practice, but must maintain the spirit of collaboration and not become a form of control by another profession” (Shroff, Farah. The New Midwifery: Reflections on Renaissance and Regulation, 1997)
Professionalism in medicine is nothing more than the institutionalization of a male, upper class monopoly. We must never confuse professionalism with expertise. Expertise is something to work for and to share; professionalism is elitist and exclusive, sexist, racist and classist. (Witches, Midwives, and Nurses, 1983)

This recognized ‘need’, within birth and midwifery, absolutely made and makes sense; it is an important phase of our evolution as birth care providers and humans on this planet. The advancements that have occurred in many countries, states, and provinces due to this movement has been transformational for many with some incredibly positive outcomes such as: hospital privileges, collaborative care between midwife and Obgyn, government funded income for midwives, insurance companies paying for midwifery care, and an increase in global recognition for midwifery assisted birth as a positive and safe birth option. One might be bold enough to say that midwifery has become mainstream.

Along with this mainstream care, there are challenges that have arisen. The largest challenge that I have experienced and seen, is that of aligning Midwifery with our current medical governing system, institutions, and bodies. Although for many, this is the most logical and safe choice, it comes with a huge price tag-the loss of freedom, self-government, and autonomy as experts. For myself, these are huge consequences, for both my soul and my craft.

Plugging my energy into a system that uses fear and power over tactics (both overtly and invisibly) as tools to maintain control and ‘safety’ is not a system that I want to serve. Although my feminine loving spirit would like to believe, that indeed it is true, that this system really does ‘care’ about ‘midwifery’ and myself as a ‘professional’ in it, I must honestly recognize that this is an illusion. A system that values consumption, greed, patriarchy, repression, abuse, degradation, power over, inequality, intimidation, threats, pressure, and punishment; is not a system I want to be working for, aligned with, or even be supported by.

Our current global state is atrocious; environmental destruction and rape so huge we are losing species on a daily basis, we are destroying our planet so rapidly it is a violation to the soul, war is a common answer to power imbalances, economic flux and cost of living is unnerving, human suffering is disheartening, furthermore food and land control by corrupt corporations is disempowering and frightening. Need alone the amount of abuse, addictions, and violence we are exposed to on a daily basis, has become ‘normal’.

Just spend a couple of days on Netflix and watch the plethora of documentaries available demonstrating the Truth of this above statement. We can no longer be ignorant to the fact that there is something devastatingly and hauntingly wrong with the way we, as humans, have chosen to live. There is something fundamentally wrong with investing our energy circuits (time, mind, heart, and soul) into projects that devalue our earth, people, and our souls.

The other day, my son watched a documentary on the ‘shark industry’ (which I must add, the majority of his class were in tears) and I asked him “why do you think humans choose to do this?” His answer was “to put food on the table” (meaning to earn money to live). Therefore, most humans (including myself) will choose to sacrifice, hurt, destroy, and degrade what ever is in the way of earning ‘money’; a currency humans have created. Again, there is something soulfully wrong with this mindset and yet, so hopelessly invades our psyches and way of existing.

It is for all of these reasons that a new way of co-existing on this planet must be co-created. The path and practice ofQuantum Midwifery is in the infancy stage of unplugging from this standardized accepted way of living and working, and plugging into something different (something whose values are completely different then our current set of values). Values are lived and enacted, they are not just words that are recited to yourself in the silence of your ‘safe’ home. We know what people value based on how they choose to live in the world. When one chooses to plug into a way of life whose values oppose her/his/their inner soul values, then she/he/they unwillingly, align with those ‘other’ values.

And so, Quantum Midwifery is choosing to align with the following values (lets keep expanding this list):

  • The healing of the earth
  • Living in harmony and relationship with the earth
  • Congruency in actions and words
  • Interconnection of Spirit and Soul, Mind, Heart, and Body
  • Collaborative relationship building
  • Self-responsibility and Soul-directed living
  • Non violent and compassionate communication
  • Soul-connections and interconnection
  • Gentle birth
  • Restorative justice and Circle work
  • Alternative paths of learning
  • Non intervention
  • Undisturbed birth
  • Protecting the environment
  • Holistic perspectives
  • Science, Spirituality, and Intuition
  • Healing, health, and wholeness
  • Equality, integration, and inclusiveness
  • Decrease in consumption
  • Increase in community living
  • Nourishment on all levels
  • Accessibility
  • Qualitative research & Quantitative research
  • Experiential knowledge
  • Cycles of life – birth & death
  • The sacred feminine and masculine
  • Integral health and wellness
  • Both energy and matter
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Adaptability and Change as constants
  • The Sacred and the Mystery
  • Altered states of consciousness as real experiences and ways of accessing information
  • All traditions and ancient wisdom
  • Innate wisdom and truth
If our current governing systems aligned with these values, then, perhaps change could occur from within. I am doubtful and skeptical that change can happen from ‘within’ anymore. What I have seen is that when one is ‘within’ the system they change, instead of the system changing. Therefore, what I am suggesting, is that those souls who are brave, courageous, and passionate enough to see change on this planet, will step outside of our current operating system and start to co create a new way. We need one another.



4 thoughts on “Values of the Quantum Midwifery Paradigm

  1. I really feel this so much. Thank you for articulating something I know to be very real and true. When the answer you feel in your heart looks so different from anything in existence that surrounds you, you find yourself in a unique position. For me, it has come down to a matter of wondering do I have the energy to do this alone? To stand for what I know is true and blaze a path, and I feel like I don’t. Not alone anyways. So it feels like a real blessing to have been lead to reading this blog. I am in midwifery school now, and would love to talk one on one if that is possible. Thank you for speaking this sister. Aho.

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