A Vision for An Undisturbed Birthing Centre – A New Paradigm for Midwives

I came across this piece that I wrote years ago, yet still strongly hold dear to my heart. It was called:

An Independent Midwifery School & Birthing Centre:

A vision to contribute to the healing of our planet and people.

“To heal the earth, we must heal birth” ~ Jeannine Parvati Baker

This is a vision for the independent study of Midwifery, serving aspiring midwives, doulas, and pregnant *women and families. Offering  Quantum Midwifery education and hands on apprenticeships; in hopes to train care givers to nurture the body, mind, heart, and soul using sacred and scientific teachings from the undisturbed birthing paradigm and quantum physics.

One does not learn to become a quantum midwife through only feeding the mind educated information, but rather, one becomes a quantum midwife when she/he/they have gone through the fire of transformation and learns to embody the teachings within his/her being and soul.

Trust is the foundation of this teaching and in the process, fear dissolves.

The science of birth is not rocket science, it can be taught within a short period of time. Yet, midwifery as practice, is learned as a dedication to a path of constant internal investigation, healing, and transformation.

Quantum Midwifery teaches the curriculum of modern midwifery care as well as:

  • Teachings for the mind, body, and soul
  • How to work/serve within the undisturbed paradigm of birth
  • How to transform fears into deep trust
  • How to create soul based relationships & connections
  • How to communicate deeply, honestly, and with compassion
  • How to sit in the fire of human transformation
  • Anatomy and physiology as both science and mysticism

In quantum midwifery, you learn the old and the new. Nothing is left out.

I use to believe that Midwifery had only one mode of operation, however, I soon discovered that within the field of midwifery, as within every field of study, there are many political tensions due to differing paradigms of thought.

Since regulation and registration within Canada, we have experienced, as both birthing people and aspiring care givers, challenges to get our education and experiential needs met. Currently, it is challenging to find care givers, challenging to enter a university program, challenging to ‘challenge’ the status-quo of birth.

Even more challenging, is the path in becoming a registered/licensed midwife; especially if you choose to align yourself with any other paradigm that differs from the dominant systematized ‘professional’ model of midwifery care.

I have experienced an internal soul battle regarding this issue since I was first introduced to the scientific literature and lectures by Dr. Michel Odent and the quantum midwifery paradigm (well over a decade ago). Since then, I have read and been introduced to more and more people choosing to align themselves with this model of care. This dilemma causes a lack of congruency within the internal world of the care giver and the external world of practice.

Within Canada, we have mainly one valid option of study for those interested in practicing midwifery legally and that is via university education. It has become more and more difficult, over the past ten years, to enter midwifery via the direct entry route. Although it is true, a couple of external programs of studies are still qualifiable for registration, it has become very difficult to validate those modes of study.

The frustration that I have experienced, after attending two birthing centers for internships and having studied both within university and as a self directed learner, is that there are no centres or apprenticeships available for me to have practiced what my heart knows to be true.

You see, in quantum midwifery, ‘midwifery’ does not belong to any organizing system or institution. We, today’s independent midwives, are not interested in joining the governing systems and institutions that regulate/license/register modern midwives; we are merely wanting to carve out space for our voices to be heard and our way to be practiced. Furthermore, being able to access quality education and training within this paradigm.

If we are to see change on this planet, then no institution can own and control all modes of learning and operating. We cannot have our food controlled by only a few corporate companies, for in doing so we are destroying our health, our planet, and our freedom. The same holds true for birth and midwifery, the same governing bodies that dictate what and how we learn, cannot gain full power over the path of midwifery; nor how we choose to practice, where we choose to practice, and with whom.

The institutional programs may be able to offer a different path of midwifery, and this is valid and necessary for true freedom of choice, however they cannot govern control over our bodies, our babies, our families, and our paths to midwifery. Since, after many dead end attempts to ‘enter’ the system of midwifery I (and many others), have decided to create a NEW pathway that is steeped in the values of that which is sacred to quantum midwifery.

There is absolutely no reason why, within Canada, that we cannot choose to learn and apprentice within the quantum midwifery model of care. We can rewrite the laws and create space for a sacred and ancient pathway of midwifery to re-emerge. Where women can receive the quality of care they are asking for, where aspiring midwives can receive an education and apprenticeship they desire, and where, a community can thrive based on sustainable living practices that nurture the entire human being. The vision is a centre, one that supports, teaches, and works within the undisturbed birthing paradigm. 

The time is ripe for the development of a women-centered ethic in the US [and Canada] that includes the complex issues that surround birth and motherhood. A women’s movement that is too narrowly focused to take seriously the needs of women becoming and being mothers is itself in a stage of prolonged adolescence and must mature. 

It is time for feminists to realize that pitting the needs of non-mothers against those of mothers is a way of weakening-not strengthening-women. 

Women should not lose their human rights when they become mothers. The status of motherhood is progressively lowered when women themselves have little understanding of the needs of women who give birth and of the abilities of their own bodies. 

It is also important for women to be aware of the historic role of midwives and how their changing roles have played out in parts of the world where the profession of midwifery was not eliminated, as it was in the US [and Canada] during the early decades of the twentieth century. 

When giving birth to a new life is discounted as a possible source of female empowerment and ability, we place immense burdens on virtually every mother in our society, while at the same time expecting each one of them to live up to the ideal of being the Perfect Mother. We can and must do better than that. Ina May Gaskin, Birth Matters, 2011

*Although we used the word Women & Families throughout these writings, it denotes ALL peoples. All races,faiths, and gender/sexual associations (transgender, bi-sexual, gay, poly).


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